So. Full. <3

I. Wub. My. Diapees.

I. Wub. My. Diapees.

Cuddlin&#8217; with Mommy &lt;3

Cuddlin’ with Mommy <3

Starting a new day with my Mommy, my teddy, and a full diapee &lt;3.

Starting a new day with my Mommy, my teddy, and a full diapee <3.

Leaking stains out of my Pikachu romper… Need to stop messing/squirming… Being a baby is lucky though. Mommy got me plastic sheets without me even having to admit to needing them, so there’s that? <3. I WUB YOU MOMMY! And boys…

Oh glob way too squirmy tonight…

Can’t sleep. Mommy wakes up occasionally to laugh at me still writhing against our big teddy bear… I’m just now wetting and pooing more into my diapers… I can’t help it, Mommy trained me to be this way I… I Just want boys, and mess… And boys, and jizz, and manure, and coloring books, and boys, and squishy knee bounces and boys and spankings…

Message me. I’m begging. 

I think you should eat your mess.

I get changed tomorrow morning… I can post here or if you leave an e-mail, anonymous, I’ll send you pics <3.

Oh tummy… <3

Late at night, laying on the bed by Mommy, posting in the dark and… Filling my diaper so full it smushes down my thighs… Someone talk to me I’m so squirmy/horny I keep drooling! Argh! -squirms hips and whines-

Filled/wet goodnites <3. I stained parts of my socks brown while wetting shortly after this xD. Goodnites are not reliable <3.

just a pick of you, legs in the air, your kitty facing the camera, your tight clean butthole exposed with a cute smile~ if you were letting pee dribble down your asshole so I'd have something to ram my meat into, you could get a lil reward perhaps ;) no scat though, we'll come to that later heehee

I want reward :c… I’m not allowed a diaper change until the morning at the earliest though :c. I’m all taped up I can take a pic to prove it!